Episode 2: The Motivation Episode, featuring Edward Cheserek

In episode 2 of the Run Matters Podcast, we don’t waste any time getting into one of the most important topics that every runner faces on a daily basis. In our Run to the Finish segment with Amanda Brooks, we talk about motivation and how runners can handle getting their head in the right place before they lace up their shoes and hit the street or trail. Amanda has something she calls “the five-minute rule” that every runner encounters on those days when they just don’t feel like getting out of bed. In the “retail matters segment,” Justin Craig from Run Detroit talks about how his store was dealing with trying to do business during the pandemic and how they took some drastic measures to stay connected to their customers and expand their services. It is then time for the “Ches Lounge” segment with one of the bright young stars on the running scene, Edward Chesarek. “King Ches” as he is known has a great back story on how he got to America and then moved from playing soccer to being one of the names to watch in elite running. It’s then time to get all “shoe geeky” with Kurt Stockbridge, lead product developer for Skechers Performance. Kurt talks about some of the new materials used in today’s running shoes along with helping us understand the visual influences behind his amazing designs.